I’ve had it with bad drivers – i’ve got a car camera.

The last time I wrote about the car camera gadget I meant to mention a helpful car camera site I had dealings with.  I think that these days every driver should be thinking of getting a dash cam because of the way idiot drivers are getting away with their crazy actions on the roads.  Only the other day I was driving towards a set of traffic lights which had turned to green as I approached them.  I needed to go straight over the crossing.  The cars coming in the opposite direction were queuing to turn left (right as I am looking at them) so you get the picture – basically there was nowhere for them to go because the left hand turn was blocked solid with heavy traffic at the time.  So the options are limited – either they wait patiently at the lights if they want to go straight on (towards me) or they go around the left turners by using the wrong side of the road.  This woman decides it would be a good idea in to do the latter (in her selfish little monkey brain) and proceeds to drive towards the lights on my side – naturally … Read More

Reviewing Treatment Tips on Panic Attack Help and Advice.

Well panic attacks are quite common these days.  We have even seen them accepted by the medical community and actually the boffins have been bothered to categorize them into different areas which cause problems.

For example, we have “social panic disorder” whereby panic attacks occur in social situations which can be typically non-stressful for people who do not suffer from the condition.  I’ve seen a lot of advice on the net about this sort of thing – and the best I have read is actually useless.  So having reviewed whats out there, I thought I would draw up my own list of things to think about if you suffer from panic attacks.  These are based on my own experience.

What Are Panic and Anxiety Disorders and How To Stop Them.

Even though some people have heard of anxiety or panic attacks, those people who have never experienced it may find it difficult to appreciate the terrifying experience it can be. Most people who have experienced usually describe this disorder not just a strong feeling of anxiety but also an explosion of terror that the mind reserves only for the most horrifying events. Some people also describe it as intense body … Read More

Best Dash Cam for your Car in 2015 / 2016

Choosing the best dash cam available in 2015 for your protection when in the car isn’t easy. The internet is full of “know it alls” – many of whom are over excited gimps who actually don’t have anything better to do with their time than squabble and whinge about why their cam is better than the other dash cam.

However – not to worry, because I am an expert in dash cams and have been involved in their development and trading for almost 5 years – far longer than all these sad little online shops you see – which are typically copycat shops owned by internet wannabees who have full time jobs elsewhere.

Beware when buying therefore – because the last thing you want is no support, non-certified goods etc – especially if you are a commercial driver such as a trucker or cab owner. Remember – always check for contact phone numbers on websites – those without – well you get the picture.

So take a careful read of my article here about what I perceive as being the very best dash cam for 2015 and also take a look at whats coming for the year 2016.

I’ve looked … Read More

Coloring in for adults – grown ups are de-stressing with new hobby.

If you had said to me five months ago that it won’t be long before you’re coloring designs on paper to de-stress, I would probably have turned round and said you must be off your rocker pal!  However – I have to confess that after doing a little research and seeing just how popular this is, I decided to give it a whirl and see for myself if I could use the activity to wind down.  I really didn’t want to go off and buy a really expensive book from a world famous artist or anything like that to start out with, so I used google to search around for any free coloring books out there.  Well I didn’t find any actual free books – however I did find many websites offering free complex patterns – the best of which I thought was this one as it is free, has mandala, animals and a great choice.

They appear to be drawn on a computer which is good because straight away I thought it would be possible to do my own designs and probably never have to buy any books – being the tight wad that I am lol.  Then … Read More

Kingo Vape Stick or Pen v3 Review.

Hi All,

Heres what I think of the Kingo Vape Stick – or Kingo Vape Pen (v3) – whichever you want to call it – heres my review.

I used to be a heavy smoker back in the day, not any more.  I went on what I suppose would be described as a fairly typical journey with bashing the evil weed on its head.  Bear in mind – it was never my intention to stop my nicotine intake though……..

First of all I tried the patches.  They were ok in terms of keeping the cravings down, but they made my skin itch and despite moving them round different parts of my body as I replaced them, irritation was still a problem as only one patch would cause the itching.  Then, the gum.  But lets be honest – who wants to be chewing gum all the time – not me thats for sure.  It was great on a plane though I have to admit, not liking flying I went through as many as I could get in my mouth on long haul flights.

Next up before the kingo sticks was the imitation cigs.  Now those tasted (or at least the one … Read More

SkyWatcher 200P Telescope Review.

The Skywatcher 200p is a popular telescope by all accounts, I have one, so here is my review.

It is a 200mm diameter parabolic mirror f/5 Newtonian which is stylish in appearance (which doesn’t really matter to most) and “fairly” easy to move around.  Mine came with an EQ5 mount.  This is extremely robust, heavy and well made.

I decided to buy this scope as it was suggested on another site – something to do with Sky at Night, and got good reviews / scoring.

Before I begin though, lets get something out of the way – when it comes to many hobbies, and this is no exception, cost is always going to be an influencing factor when deciding on your purchase.  For me, the SW 200p was in the right price bracket (just) and appeared to offer the best performance within that bracket.  I would like to say that “of course” there are FAR better scopes out there, and they cost around 5k upwards, whereas this cost me less than 1k.  So without wanting to belittle the scope in any way at all – please be aware that performance comes with a price, and what you are getting with … Read More

The Personal Reviewer.

Hi All,

I write reviews.  I write them because I feel like it.  I am tired of the rubbish on the internet written by crackpots, sales scammers and know it alls.

My reviews are honest, and as factually correct as I can possibly make them.

They are not here to promote stuff – although you may see the odd link here and there.

So this page is effectively the review of THIS SITE (and a little intro).

Thanks for looking :)Read More